Founded in 1968, O.P.O. has SPECIALISED and built a solid reputation in the PRODUCTION and SALES of specific walking aids.

The company’s know-how and understanding of the available equipment lie behind the continuous research that aims to achieve the set OBJECTIVES and assure customer satisfaction.

The RESULTS ACHIEVED act as a stimulus to constantly
strive for further growth, each point of arrival is the springboard for a NEW DEPARTURE.

Filosofia aziendale

The CENTRAL ROLE of people in all our projects and interventions is our constant FOCUS.

With this viewpoint, the COMPANY PHILOSOPHY places all the company resources in the DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION
of orthopaedic aids.


To be in a real position ofrepresenting a qualified PARTNER for the customer, able to assure FULL AND PRESENT assistance.

Able to transform the requests and demands of the medical world
into safe, advanced FUNCTIONAL TOOLS. TOTAL RELIABYILITY at all levels.


Constant attention to the demands of the rehabilitation market have placed the range of O.P.O. products at the TOP of the global market.

The company has successfully EVOLVED, developing over time
a state-of-the-art TECHNOLOGICAL KNOWLEDGE, which now places the company in a reference position for the orthopaedic sector.

Alongside the core business of production and a clear vocation towards “customer service”, in the framework of a full relationship with its customers, O.P.O. has included outsourced goods in the catalogue to complete its own production range, and also manufactures MADE-TO-MEASURE aids to order.


Divided into three separate departments covering homogeneous areas of intervention, la struttura di O.P.O. the company is able to respond to customer demand in the most appropriate manner.

The human resources, divided into specifi c areas of competency in the company’s three production sites, are trained to comply with the highest QUALITY AND PRODUCTION STANDARDS.

The use of highly automated equipment assures the control of production cycles and processing phases with the aim of maintaining a uniform, COSTCONSISTENTLY HIGH STANDARD OF PRODUCTION.


THOPSAN e ORTHEA are registered trademarks of O.P.O. srl,
designed and implemented to identify areas of intervention
and product types.

Over the years O.P.O. has aimed to supply the Orthopaedic World
and all its customer generally with a GLOBAL SERVICE.

There are three main areas of intervention:

O.P.O. is DNV-certified to UNI EN ISO 9001/2000 standards for the production and sale of technical aids.

All the products are subjected to technical testing in compliance with the applicable reference standards.

O.P.O. aids belong to Class I and comply with European Directive 93/42 CEE O.P.O. QUALITY is guaranteed, with every step.

The secret of O.P.O.’s growth and success lies in the attention paid to production, in its widest possible meaning.

Continuous research into functional and aesthetic solutions, the implementation speed of the design-to-application process, have led O.P.O. to manage a FULL PRODUCTION CHAIN.

With the adoption of specifi c materials, moulding lines developed using in-house equipment and the use of highly resistant profi les cut specifi cally to requirements, the independency of O.P.O.underlines the EXCLUSIVITY of its PRODUCTION RANGE.

O.P.O. products, guaranteed by its internal quality system,
are MADE 100% IN ITALY

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